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Blockchain Infrastructure

When we push Artificial Intelligence and Data ownership past the hype, all roads lead to Web3. Data ownership and privacy are where Web3 provides a trust layer for the web, and we’re bringing you stellar insights on new technologies and the open data economy.

Dr. Matt Frew, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Transformational Technology at University of the West of Scotland, joins our host Jamie Burke in exploring the metaverse, hyperreality, and the convergence of “DARQ technologies”.

If you're a Web3 founder, community builder, or simply into DeFi, this episode on the Metaverse Podcast with Andrew Ciaccia, is a must-listen to understand Web3 strategies for security and community engagement

Vera Wu of Numbers Protocol, is joined by our host and founder, Jamie Burke on the Metaverse Podcast, discussing the future of digital media provenance and blockchain integration.

We believe that creating new applications and utility for BTC holders is the largest unexplored opportunity for founders and investors in digital assets.

Shara Senderoff, co-founder of Futureverse, is joined by our host Jamie Burke on the Metaverse Podcast, discussing the evolving landscape of the metaverse, Web3, and technology entrepreneurship.

Join our host Jamie Burke as he explores the evolution of AI and blockchain with Trent. Whether you're a founder, investor, or technologist, tune in!

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