What It Means to Be A Web3 Mentor

Andy Lark, Chair of Group Lark and mentor for Outlier Ventures, shares his wealth of experience, providing insights for both aspiring and established founders navigating the decentralized landscape.

MOVE Accelerator 2023 | Wrapped

Program review – in summary Eight companies have graduated from the Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator. Those eight companies are working to redefine the Web3 user experience across gaming, social, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DeFi, NFTs and infrastructure. They are: Aptos Arcade, ArmurAI, Duo, Wapal (by Mokshya Protocol), MoveFlow, SendInAir, SwapGPT and Yours (Blockwave Labs). We […]

The Future of Customer Acquisition and Community Monetization

The evolution of customer acquisition to a more sustainable “Community as a Service” (CaaS) model. A discussion around how lack of “number go up” sent us “questing”, and a bet that communities are the key to unlocking the next layer of value creation. Acquiring users in crypto now is akin to the earliest men hunting […]