Jamie Burke

CEO and Founder

Aron van Ammers

CTO and Founding Partner

Nathalie Oestmann

Chief Operating Officer

Eser Torun

Chief Growth Officer

Charlotte Kapoor

Head of Strategic Partnerships

Ben Meyer

Head of Client Services

Stephen Apel

Board member

Rumi Morales

Board Member

Des Martin

Chief Marketing Officer

Alison Emery

Operations Manager

Robin Andre Nordnes

Solutions Architect & Investment Relations Specialist

Jan Baeriswyl

Token Design

Alvaro Arenz

Head of Finance

Blake Lezenski

Farfetch Dream Assembly Program Manager

Lluis Bardet Alvarez

Polkadot Program Manager

Matus Steis

Token Design Lead

Walther Doernte

Board Member

Tim Rule

Board Member

Abdalla Almajali

Program Manager

Karim Halabi

Token Designer

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