Jamie Burke

Chairman and Founder

Stephan Apel

CEO and Founding Partner

Aron van Ammers

Chief Technology Officer and Founding Partner

Ben Meyer

Chief Product Officer

Radhika Chudasama

Head of People

Abdalla Almajali

Head of Ascent

Lorenzo Sicilia

Head of Engineering

Alvaro Arenz

Finance Director

Jesse Boyce

Head of Creative

Isabella Tisenhusen

Head of Legal

Fabio Maffioli

Head of Base Camp

Nicola Staines

Head of Communications

Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou

Head of Investments and Cryptoeconomics

Elliot Leimer

Program Manager

Hanan Nor

Investment Manager

Blake Lezenski

Partner Program Director

Katie Lundie

Program Manager

Ric Pagano

Program Manager

Ruth Galvin

Program Manager


Program Manager

Rumi Morales

Board Member

Tim Rule

Board Member

Walther Doernte

Board Member

Stephan Apel

Board Member