Ascent Token Launch

Ascent is the leading token launch advisory service offered for projects looking to maximize the success of their token economy and network.

Outlier Ventures are proud to operate as the largest Web3 accelerator

Our Ascent program focuses on the final stretch of a token launch, operationalizing requirements, and supporting teams with every aspect of successful token distribution. We have advised, invested in, and accelerated 180+ projects in Web3 over the past 8 years, and our strong strategic partnerships with many of the key players in the ecosystem are unparalleled.

How do we work

We work in a fully bespoke way, all advice, support, and expertise is based on the specific roadmap of a team. Selected projects work with a dedicated program team and have access to our in-house network of 100+ Web 3 experts in legal, tech, token design, marketing, and more. 

We have a co-investor network of over 1000 partners from VCs to syndicates, market makers, liquidity providers, and pools across North America, Europe, and Asia. 

Our rigorous readiness assessment shortcuts the ability of our trusted partners to engage with teams reducing their due diligence and providing a powerful signal to the market. Warm introductions to our extensive network can activate key partners and new business leads.  

Tailored support comes at each stage of your token development, in the critical run-up to going live, post-launch, and in market, through a personalised calendar of structured weekly calls, workshops, documents, and discussions to suit your project needs.

We provide insight, innovation and introductions


How do you attract a growing number of the right calibre of network participants who share your mission and principles? How do you manage the on-chain and off-chain governance of a network’s stakeholders and optimise against clear network health criteria?

• Proposition design & fundraising
• Fundraising strategy
• Product strategy
• Marketing and communications
• Industry leading cryptoeconomics & token design
• Partnerships with staking, market making & node deployment partners
• Growth Hacking


How do you retain and incentivise productive stakeholders once they are working on the network through stickiness and forms of user lock-in and loyalty? How to engage with and grow capital markets around your digital assets?

• Product development strategy
• Integration builds
• Community building
• Ecosystem acceleration
• Listing with top tier exchanges


How to engage and empower the right decision-makers and budget holders, to reduce sales cycles and create powerful industry ambassadors

• Protocol governance recommendations
• Token engineering
• Liquidity strategies to manage volatility and stability in the markets
• Global community growth

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We are Europe’s leading blockchain investor

Winner / Incubator/VC of the Year / City AM 2020
Winner / Blockchain Investor of the Year / TechCrunch Europas 2019
Winner / Outstanding Business Partner Award / Huobi Exchange Global 2019
Shortlisted / Best Investment in Deep Tech / UKBAA Awards 2019
One to watch / Industry Game Changer / Growth Investor Awards 2018
Shortlisted / Blockchain Investor of the Year / The Europas 2018