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Haja Networks

Haja Networks is an ambitious team comprised of some of the early team behind OrbitDB and IPFS that is building two new and complementary open-source protocols to enable decentralised databases to interoperate.
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Why crypto-assets need effective token ecosystems

Today we launch our new report on the concept and practice of developing effective tokenized crypto-assets. This is driven by our strong belief in the potential power of decentralised systems to provide a new and important evolution in how our economy and society can be organised, but in order to achieve this, effective ecosystems must be created that align the incentives of all the participants in a new model economy.
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27th November - CoinDesk: Invest

As part of the event this year Rumi Morales, Partner at Outlier Ventures will be speaking on the panel: Top Crypto Asset Managers. In the past two years, hundreds of crypto hedge funds have sprouted up, almost as fast as the ICOs they bought. Only a handful of these have real impact in the industry and the rest can be classed as copycats. CoinDesk sifted through the bluster and found the top traders for the different types of funds in the industry.
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