Applications for
AI x Crypto Base Camp are open

Building AI’s trust layer

Base Camp Summary

Starting: 20th May, 2024

Duration: 12 weeks

Application closure: 12th May, 2024

Where: Fully remote

Investment: Up to $100,000

The convergence between AI and blockchain technology is finally materializing. We believe it is time to get serious about building out the AI x Crypto vertical.

“As AI weaves into the fabric of society, it underscores the need to combine AI and Web3 technologies – increasing verifiability, transparency and authenticity while elevating user experiences and creating unprecedented value.

We are excited to work with founders building at the intersection of AI and Web3 technologies, helping them propel their business to the next level.”

Ruth Galvin

Accelerator Lead, AI x Crypto Base Camp

The convergence is not happening by accident.

Instead, we believe there are key drivers that are currently accelerating this trend:

The current state of the internet is broken

Web2 is integrating AI capabilities, Web3 needs to follow suit

AI and blockchain have technological limitations. The solution lies in joining forces

What projects are we looking for?

AI  agents

AI agents as portable systems that independently pursue goals and executing complex tasks

  • UI/UX enablers (e.g Wallets, Plug-ins)
  • Agents enhancing User Security and Privacy 
  • DeFi Agents
  • Gaming Agents & NPCs
  • Tooling (Creation, Deployment, Permission, Training)
  • Products for Agent Integration and Interoperability 
  • Products for agent distribution and monetization

Cryptography Enhanced Machine Learning

Enhanced Trust and Security of AI through distributed ledger systems

  • Zero Knowledge, Optimistic & MPC Machine Learning
  • AI focused VMs, CoProcessors, Oracles 
  • Decentralised ML Operations (Training, Inference, Reinforcement learning from human feedback)
  • Fully Homomorphic Encryption
  • ML as a Service
  • Governance and Compliance Solutions

Decentralised Data Infrastructure

Decentralised infrastructure for data, compute, and models

  • Infrastructure for sourcing, scraping & curation of data
  • Products for model distribution and monetization
  • Products for resource distribution and monetization
  • Federated Learning / Edge Computing
  • Decentralized Compute for AI
  • Decentralised Storage for AI
  • Scalability and performance solutions for decentralized AI

Read our thesis!

AI x Crypto – The Convergence Technology Stack 

The internet was promised to re-shape the way we communicate, interact and operate within society. But more than four decades after its creation, the internet is far from what it was initially promised to be.

The solution, instead, resides in the convergence of these two elements. AI forming the front-end, while blockchain technology could form the back-end, creating a unified tech stack. We believe that this is the only way to fix the internet.

Our latest AI x Crypto thesis explores how this convergence will fuel the future of the web.

Official Portfolio Ambassadors

The Outliers are teaming up to fuel the next generation of founders

As longstanding portfolio companies and pioneers, our ambassadors have operated through several cycles and bring unique insights to early-stage founders. Together, we’re leveraging Web3’s biggest founder network to build AI’s trust layer.

What do startups get out of the program?

Week 1-2

Helping you to maintain focus on OKRs & Web3 Readiness Framework and ensuring you’re optimally leveraging our network.

Week 3-6

Building your knowledge and refining your idea through workshops and 1:2:1 meetings with our Subject Matter Experts across token, design, legal, engineering, fundraising and more.

Week 7-12

Having learned and refined your idea in the first six weeks, the final weeks of the program are tailored towards supporting the key areas needed to bring product to market.

An opportunity to showcase your product to the wider Outlier network and 2 months fundraising support.

What we offer

In return for

We have accelerated 300+ teams across 34 cohorts



  • Funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply
  • 3 month fully remote accelerator program
  • Access to in house specialist operational, legal, commercial, and co-marketing support
  • Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit
  • An active global mentor, partner and investor network featuring over 400+ mentors and 180+ alumni companies in Web3

Our Base Camp program is designed to nurture teams whose business potential best leverages either the program’s protocol or partner strengths, base camp thematic fit and also aligns with Outlier Ventures’ Metaverse OS Thesis.

Participating startups will gain exposure to both Outlier Ventures’ and the partners ecosystems, offering an unparalleled opportunity for founders to scale their technology and grow their business.
If you’re a founder looking to accelerate the scaling of your business and deeply connect within the web3 ecosystem, get in touch!’

The Base Camp Accelerator is a fully remote and virtual program. This  allows us to recruit and work with the best teams wherever. We have invested in companies across all continents. Our strength lies in the diversity of founders that we accelerate across the globe.