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Outlier Ventures works with global leading brands and innovators to turn promising startups into industry leaders.

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OV is trusted by global brands and ecosystem giants to build their foundations in Web3

What sets Outlier apart

We’re Web3 native

Having accelerated nearly 300 startups, we hold unparalleled knowledge on the industry and where it’s heading.

We offer bespoke support

Our team of 40+ Subject Matter Experts work closely with the teams, taking them from zero to one. We also work with an external network of mentors which offer supplementary support and connections to our teams.

The largest Web3 accelerator

Having worked with nearly 300 teams, we have the collective learnings that come from a decade in the space.

Meet our Subject Matter Experts

Isabella Tisenhussen
Head of legal
Gabriele Teodoro
senior legal associate
Dimitrios Chatzianagnostou
Head of Token Economies
Robert Mullins
Token Design Associate
Lorenzo Sicilia
Head of Engineering


Building the future of the Web

Having worked with nearly 300 startups has given us an unprecedented ability to understand trends. Our core vision for the future of the web stems from our 2021 thesis: The Open Metaverse OS, where we laid out how the convergence of the physical and digital worlds will create a new unified user experience.

New technologies like AI, AR, and DeFi play crucial roles in realizing that vision, and our early investments in those fields have put us in a unique position to lead their development.

Partner with the No. 1 Web3 investor

Join us at the forefront of innovation

Gain a foothold into Web3

Align yourself with a reputable and responsible web3 pioneer, investing in the space since 2014 and offering significant in-house capabilities across Program Management, Investment thesis development, curated deal flow, innovation communications & brand exposure.

Stay at the forefront of innovation

In the next 12 months, Outlier will accelerate at least 100 more companies, selected from over 2,000 applications globally. We’re growing at a faster rate than our peers, which creates significant network effects, increases economies of scale, and makes it easier for our partners to index and engage Web3.

Secure first mover advantage

We bring you with us to the forefront of innovation, putting you in the best position to discover and embrace the most promising technology before your competitors.

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