About Outlier Ventures

Who we are

We invest in creators building “The Open Metaverse,” a thesis and playbook outlining the future of freedom and equitable economics within digital environments.

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Why work with us?

We are not only passionate about building the future, but we also have the depth of niche crypto expertise necessary in legal, structuring, branding, and token engineering to execute and help guide a project from zero to one. We have been accelerating Web 3 founders since 2014 and have helped raise over 130 million dollars in funding. We have built a massive global partner network that can be brought to bear on any challenge, and our portfolio success record speaks volumes. The projects we work with inevitably become immersed into our benevolent multibillion-dollar token network ecosystem of shared goals, team spirit, and deep talent pools. We work closely with our founders at every stage of development they are in, and we bring a legacy of proven value to the table. We invite you to join us and apply let’s build a better Internet together.