Applications for 
Zero Knowledge Base Camp are closed

Accelerating the best teams building blockchain infrastructure, privacy, and scalability through Zero Knowledge proofs.

Base Camp Summary

Starting: 18 September 2023

Duration: 12 Weeks

Application closure: 8 September 2023

Where: Fully remote

Investment: Up to $100,000 (terms apply)

Our vision for Zero Knowledge in the next 12 months

Zero Knowledge Proofs are the endgame for bringing 1 billion users to Web3 through scaling, identity and privacy

Advancements such as SNARKS, STARKS & kEVMs and over $1.2 billion in ecosystem funds committed to grants, hackathon and accelerators are paving the path for a new wave of applications to be built leveraging Zero Knowledge Proofs

Zero Knowledge technology has applications beyond the blockchain. Zero Knowledge powered authentication, identity, and compliance will enable the convergence of Web3, Web2, and the physical world

The Zero Knowledge basecamp was instrumental in growing zkSig from an unique application of ZKPs to a working platform supporting key use cases for our growing partner base. Outlier provided knowledgable guidance and resources in areas where our team had subject matter skill gaps, and facilitated industry connections that will continue to help us develop as a company.

Cara Ponzini

Co-Founder, zkSig

What projects are we looking for


Laying the bedrock for the adoption of ZK technology through use cases such as:

  • Interoperability-enabling infrastructure including bridges, omnichains, and stateproofs
  • Developer tools for ZK integrations
  • Infrastructure enabling censorship resistance and decentralization


Leveraging verifiable computation to scale:

  • Applications expanding the scope of off-chain communication
  • Ephemeral Execution environments on ZK rollups


Bringing privacy & identity to Web3 through use cases such as:

  • Decentralized identity verification and proof
  • Tools which bring identity tools from Web2 to Web3
  • ZK Compliance tools

What do startups get out of the program?

Part 1

Week 1-2

Helping you to maintain focus on OKRs & Web3 Readiness Framework and ensuring you’re optimally leveraging our network.

Part 2

Week 3-6

Building your knowledge and refine your idea through workshops and 1:2:1 meetings with our Subject Matter Experts across token, design, legal, engineering, fundraising and more.

Part 3

Week 7-12

Having learned and refined your idea and in the first six weeks, the final weeks of the program are tailored towards supporting the key areas needed to bring product to market.

Post Program

An opportunity to showcase your product to the wider Outlier network and 2 months fundraising support.

What we offer

In return for

Our 400+ mentor network

Alex Pruden


Matthew Wyatt

Co-founder & CEO, Nucleo

Amber Shi

Head of Ventures, NEW ORDER DAO

We have accelerated 250+ teams across 21 cohorts

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply
  • 3 month fully remote accelerator program
  • Access to in house specialist operational, legal, commercial, and co-marketing support
  • Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit
  • An optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • An active global mentor, partner and investor network featuring over 400+ mentors and 180+ alumni companies in Web3

Any Base Camp program is designed to nurture teams whose business potential best leverages the program’s protocol and design strengths and also aligns with Outlier Ventures’ Metaverse OS Thesis. Cohorts are generally selected through the lens of growing the protocol ecosystem across various layers such as: NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Services, and Middleware.

Participating startups will gain exposure to both Outlier Ventures’ and the protocol’s ecosystems, offering an unparalleled opportunity for founders to scale their technology and grow their business.

The Base Camp Accelerator is currently planned to be a fully remote and virtual program. There may be the opportunity for in-person summits in London or other European locations once the pandemic situation improves. We have so far invested in companies from Australia, Brazil, USA, Canada, Philippines, Nigeria, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Poland, UK, Switzerland.