Applications for RWA (Real World Assets) Base Camp are open!

Bringing the physical world on chain

Base Camp Summary

Starting in: Mid April 2024

Duration: 12 weeks

Application closure: Early April 2024

Where: Fully remote

Investment: Up to $100,000

“Tokenizing is the process of creating a digital copy of any asset on the blockchain”

Tokenization is a Tale of Two Trends

Digitalization – The transformation of physical assets into digital formats or the movement of digital assets onto new infrastructure to unlock even more benefits

Financialization – The process of turning any asset into a financial instrument by reengineering cash flows, investment opportunities and capital formation.

“We are excited to work with founders to open up new opportunities in liquidity, efficiency and decentralization through the tokenization of RWAs – taking us to the next stage of mainstream blockchain adoption.”

Katie Lundie

Program Manager, RWA Base Camp

Why Now?

Opportunities across sectors. – While predominantly driven by Finance, RWA tokenization will find applications across different industries such as infrastructure, manufacturing, gaming, healthcare

Now is the time. – We see more mindshare, better infrastructure and improvement in regulatory clarity as key drivers that will propel RWA tokenization forward this cycle

Unrecognized potential. – The opportunity for tokenization is larger than currently recognized by many. The ability to bring programmability to everyday assets is set to open up a world of new opportunities and business models

What projects are we looking for?

Financial Assets

dApps and solutions which provide consumers, treasurers, fintechs, and institutions access to on-chain structured financial products, equities, commodities and private markets in a composable format which can be used across DeFi

  • Consumer facing dApps
  • Tokenization platforms
  • Liquidity management solutions


Tailored infrastructure to reflect, store and manage RWAs on the blockchain

  • DAO Treasury Tooling
  • Risk management & assessment tooling
  • Regulation-first onboarding tools.
  • SDKs for complete tokens
  • Data feeds & Liquidity aggregators for x-chain interoperability
  • Oracles solutions providing secure real world data

Intangible Assets

Solutions which are bringing already digitized intangible assets onchain

  • Open Data / digital identity
  • Carbon Credits / emissions tracking
  • Patents / Trademarks / Copyright
  • Content creator IP onchain

Physical Assets

Applications & Infrastructure bringing physical items onchain to benefit from enhanced liquidity and decentralization of ownership

  • DePin / Machinery /Inventory
  • Real Estate
  • Collectibles / Art / Luxury

Read our thesis! Tokenisation: Beyond the Hype

The integration of Real World Assets (RWAs) into Web3 infrastructure, propelled by the tokenization of tangible assets, is poised to fundamentally alter how we interact with and perceive everyday assets.

This evolution is gaining traction, particularly in the financial sector, and is anticipated to permeate every industry as blockchain technology spreads more widely over the coming decade . We foresee this movement as a pivotal step towards the mainstream adoption of Web3, reshaping the landscape of digital and physical asset management.

What do startups get out of the program?

Part 1

Week 1-2

Helping you to maintain focus on OKRs & Web3 Readiness Framework and ensuring you’re optimally leveraging our network.

Part 2

Week 3-6

Building your knowledge and refining your idea through workshops and 1:2:1 meetings with our Subject Matter Experts across token, design, legal, engineering, fundraising and more.

Part 3

Week 7-12

Having learned and refined your idea in the first six weeks, the final weeks of the program are tailored towards supporting the key areas needed to bring product to market.

Post Program

An opportunity to showcase your product to the wider Outlier network and 2 months fundraising support.

What we offer

In return for

We have accelerated 278+ teams across 34 cohorts



  • Funding in exchange for 6% of your company and 6% of future token supply
  • 3 month fully remote accelerator program
  • Access to in house specialist operational, legal, commercial, and co-marketing support
  • Token engineering support and business model testing to pinpoint product-market fit
  • An optional $30,000 interest-free repayable loan to help with initial legal costs
  • An active global mentor, partner and investor network featuring over 400+ mentors and 180+ alumni companies in Web3

Any Base Camp program is designed to nurture teams whose business potential best leverages the program’s protocol and design strengths and also aligns with Outlier Ventures’ Metaverse OS Thesis. Cohorts are generally selected through the lens of growing the protocol ecosystem across various layers such as: NFTs & Gaming, DeFi, Infrastructure, Services, and Middleware.

Participating startups will gain exposure to both Outlier Ventures’ and the protocol’s ecosystems, offering an unparalleled opportunity for founders to scale their technology and grow their business.

The Base Camp Accelerator is a fully remote and virtual program. This  allows us to recruit and work with the best teams wherever. We have invested in companies across all continents. Our strength lies in the diversity of founders that we accelerate across the globe.