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Program review – in summary

Eight companies have graduated from the Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator. Those eight companies are working to redefine the Web3 user experience across gaming, social, Artificial Intelligence (AI), DeFi, NFTs and infrastructure. They are: Aptos Arcade, ArmurAI, Duo, Wapal (by Mokshya Protocol), MoveFlow, SendInAir, SwapGPT and Yours (Blockwave Labs).

We want to thank all the participants and contributors who made this program a success.

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MOVE Accelerator Program by Aptos and Outlier Ventures has recently ended on a high note, with a graduation of eight incredibly talented teams selected from amongst hundreds of applicants. Over the course of 12 very intense weeks, the shortlisted startups have worked directly with multiple expert teams, connected with mentors in their industries, and been introduced to potential partners, clients, and investors in the Outlier Ventures network, forging relationships that will last a lifetime.

The Aptos & Outlier Ventures Partnership

The Aptos Labs team is behind the innovative, next-generation Layer-1 Aptos blockchain, developed specifically to be accessible and scalable. Its innovative infrastructure is made for highly demanding use cases such as those imposed by gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi). Additionally, Outlier Ventures’ focus on fostering collaboration and driving an open and interoperable metaverse brought us closer together.


Move is the language of the Aptos Protocol and enables building highly scalable, blockchain-based solutions. As such, The Aptos Labs team is dedicated to fostering the growth of their ecosystem by supporting teams building with Move.

Aptos and Outlier Ventures are committed to bringing Web3 to the mainstream by fostering solutions that are scalable and user-friendly. Launching the MOVE Accelerator was thus a natural fit. Selected teams are building across three verticals: infrastructure, gaming, and DeFi.

As the founders prepare for their Demo Day on October 26, we want to spotlight their efforts and thank everyone involved. Each Base Camp program is a collaborative endeavor between multiple teams that work together to deliver superior service. The high level of commitment from all participants – founders, partners, Program Managers & Program Associates, expert teams, mentors and guests – has made all the difference, turning the program into an unforgettable experience.

Meet the Graduates!

MoveFlow (Hong Kong) is a programmable payment protocol that enables predefined transaction rules based on time and events. This protocol allows users to set up programmable payment rules that determine when and how payments are made.

Wapal (Singapore) is a no-code NFT creator studio, launchpad & marketplace on the Aptos Blockchain. Wapal’s unique features such as on-chain randomness, permanent storage, and the cheapest mint fees make it one of the most scalable NFT launchpads across all blockchains.

SwapGPT (India) is an AI-powered defi aggregator and liquidity manager that enhances the capabilities of smart contracts by leveraging AI algorithms to efficiently route transactions and actively manage liquidity across multiple protocols using no-code portfolio management strategies.

Aptos Arcade (USA) is a Web3 game studio that develops games and an on-chain game engine for the Aptos blockchain. Their goal is to empower the next generation of Web3 games by providing an extensible suite of gaming primitives for the MoveVM.

Armur AI (India) is an AI-powered security infrastructure platform, enabling users to build custom security tooling for Web3 and beyond by leveraging pre-trained AI models.

Sendinair (South Korea) is a fully decentralized gaming studio on the Aptos blockchain, powered by cutting-edge Move smart contracts. Makers of the well-known Werewolf & Witch game and now the Beast Collector, it wants to provide the most sustainable Web3 games, offering an unparalleled blockchain gaming experience.

Yours (South Korea) is a one-stop NFT enterprise solution for customer loyalty management. Solutions include minting points, membership rewards, and coupons for Web3 users.

Duo (USA) in an Ethereum-compatible blockchain running on Aptos. Duo provides sub-second transactions from the speed, scalability and finality of Aptos, making it especially suitable for Web3 gaming.

Meet the Outliers

Francesca Conti, Program Manager, along with Atish Baboolal and Sam Whitehead, set the start ups on track using the OKR methodology. They conducted weekly 1-2-1 sessions and temperature checks; they were founders’ first point of contact, working tirelessly to make sure the teams had the resources, mentoring, and advice they needed to go from zero to one.

During the program wrap-up call, the founders shared how important those calls were for them and how much they will miss the weekly syncs.

Workshops and Mentors

All activities and initiatives during the Base Camp programs are designed with the purpose of advancing founders on their journey.

During the 12-week program, founders attended workshops and 1-2-1 expert sessions, connecting with mentors. The first couple of weeks were an intense rollercoaster where founders got to pitch their companies to Outlier Ventures SMEs and mentors.

At Outlier Ventures, we believe that providing access to industry-leading experts is one of our core value propositions and, in many cases, the most important step for teams to realize their product–market fit. Founders were able to get valuable insights across multiple verticals such as product engineering & UX design, fundraising, token design & tokenomics, marketing & community, and legal.

Over the course of the program, the teams not only attended workshops by our in-house experts in the above areas of interest, but also gained access to those experts in 1-2-1 sessions, where they could freely brainstorm ideas that specifically address their companies and products. In many cases, those sessions resulted in the teams finalizing their go-to-market plans. Many thanks to all the expert teams involved in those sessions and their tireless efforts in sharing their expertise to further our common goal to build an open and interoperable metaverse.

We also wish to thank the following mentors, creatives and investors for contributing their time and expertise to the teams, and providing a superior level of support to the entire MOVE Accelerator cohort.

Perks and Benefits

We would like to thank all the Outlier Ventures portfolio companies that provide an extensive suite of services at no cost to Outlier Ventures startups. At this point, our perks marketplace includes services from approximately 40 high-value partners such as Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Notion, HubSpot and Stripe. We are also able to offer access to various web3 services from companies such as Alchemy, Figment, Moralis + many more.

Thank you everyone involved for making the first ever MOVE Accelerator a stellar success! Make sure to follow the teams and keep up with them on their journey of building the future of the Aptos ecosystem and the Move language and join the teams for their upcoming Demo Day on October 26th, 2023.

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