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Founder Foundations

As an early stage founder, knowing where to start is often the hardest part. When it comes to Web3, that’s only made more difficult. Fear not. We’ve seen this over 250 times. Our flagship Founder Foundations section is an attempt to give you an introductory guide to your founder journey. We’re bringing you introductory guides to Web3, product development, founder basics, and much much more.

Andy Lark, Chair of Group Lark and mentor for Outlier Ventures, shares his wealth of experience, providing insights for both aspiring and established founders navigating the decentralized landscape.

An inside look at how we help founders.

Join our host Jamie Burke as he explores the evolution of AI and blockchain with Trent. Whether you're a founder, investor, or technologist, tune in!

Founders share stories, challenges, wins, and insights from their experience with the Base Camp program.

We know that being a founder in Web3 is hard, much harder than a founder in a classic Web2 startup.  90% of …

Join Program Associate Francesca Conti as she explain some of the best strategies for you to identify your core market. Here are …

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