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As the no.1 Web3 accelerator, our mission is to provide the best advisory, support, and networks to help startups go from zero to one.

Of course, we could go on and on about how many companies we’ve accelerated, how much we’ve raised, and how many billion-dollar networks we’ve launched, but that won’t help you understand the value that we can bring to your startup. So read on to hear how we can help you take your project to the next level.

360 degree tailored support to help your business thrive.

We offer bespoke support tailored to your startup’s needs. In addition to connecting you with dozens of expert mentors, our core team  are committed to advising you in their respective area, through specialized workshops and one-on-one support.

Our 12-week program is split into three key phases:

  1. Mentor Madness – Connecting the teams and founders with an ecosystem that can contribute to the growth of the project.
  2. Knowledge Building – Experts deliver workshops to understand where you need further support. Our Subject Matter Experts also meet with teams one on one to help define and plan your go-to-market
  3. Execution – Building using the knowledge that you get from earlier phases, and reaching the objectives, whether it’s business development, or fundraising.

Let’s dive into each of our expert teams:

Product and Engineering – Helping teams ideate, plan out, and develop transformative technology.

  • The Product and Engineering team proactively shapes the technical and product roadmap of portfolio companies, emphasising rigorous code quality and preparing them for technical due diligence and audit.
  • They work collaboratively with the teams, adopting a tailored approach depending on their stage.

Structuring and Fundraising – Helping teams secure the funding they need to push their product forward.

  • Our Fundraising team helps teams assess their fundraising instrument, amount raised and valuation with respect to market standards. The team helps with timing and the approach of how to successfully raise money.
  • For investor relations, they help assess how to find and map investors and provide direct introductions to relevant investors in our network.

Token Economies – Helping teams design and model billion-dollar token networks

  • We have a team of 6 incentive design and token engineering experts that have deep knowledge and experience on how to create thriving and sustainable token economies in any Web3 sector.
  • Working on fungible or non-fungible tokens will always include business objectives, and will aim to optimize for a profitable economy that leverages incentives the right way, aligning stakeholder interests.
  • Teams will have access to this expertise along with a comprehensive set of internally developed tools that help draft the token economy from an high-level ideation stage towards mathematical models and simulations.

Marketing Advisory – Helping startups onboard the next billion users into Web3

  • Our Marketing Advisory team helps founders realize the potential of their own personal brand and structure robust go to market strategies for their startups. They take a holistic approach to marketing that’s specifically tailored to early stage startups.
  •  They advise on how marketing and business development lead to sales and help teams structure their marketing funnels.
  • But, most importantly, they adjust the marketing strategies for the right stage of growth in the company life-cycle to ensure long-term success.

Base Camp Team – Working directly with founders to give them the support they need.

  • As part of each program, the Base Camp team  work closely with each and every one of our startups giving them tailored advice, connections and 360 degree support over the key areas of their business – whether that’s advice on their product & technology strategy, community building, GTM strategy, fundraising and much more.

How we can help

Whether you’re coming into Base Camp with an MVP or still working on developing it, you’ve already raised funds or need help structuring your round; we’re here to help.

But it would be impossible to talk about OV without mentioning our great alumni network. Our community of over 300 founders will 100x your network, helping you secure partnerships, collaborations, and share ideas. We say that once you’re an Outlier, you’re always an Outlier.

You’ll join the best network in the Web3 space. Frankly, if there’s one place to build in Web3 right now, it’s right here.

But don’t just take our word for it; hear it from our founders:

  • “We loved going from being 2 co-founders to an entire community of ambitious builders and experienced veterans.” – Roy Bernheim, DeCommerce, FARFETCH Dream Assembly Base Camp
  • An unparalleled accelerator that prioritized our unique needs, offered a tailor-made program, and strived tirelessly to connect us with industry professionals. Amazing!” – Sophia Yan, Numbers Protocol
  • “OV enable founders to think bigger with support from day one, all the way through and ongoing. OV is defying Web2 gravity, one Web3 start-up at a time.” Esther O’Callaghan, Hundo, Base Camp 6

At Outlier, we have experience building and scaling businesses; we work with leading corporate partners and advisors including Walmart, Farfetch,  and KPMG US, to provide startups with limitless resources to grow and scale their businesses. And with a portfolio of over 280 startups across over 30 cohorts, this isn’t our first rodeo.

As our Chairman and Founder Jamie Burke says, our biggest asset is our collective learnings; learnings that span back nearly a decade. But, right now, we’re looking to the future.

Do you want to be part of it?

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