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Metaverse, VR and AR

The Metavserse, VR and AR are some of the key technological advancements which will bring Web3 to the mainstream through their highly immersive and creative components. Though this section, we want to inspire founders and provide advice regarding what is possible with these exciting technologies.

Dr. Matt Frew, Senior Lecturer in Enterprise and Transformational Technology at University of the West of Scotland, joins our host Jamie Burke in exploring the metaverse, hyperreality, and the convergence of “DARQ technologies”.

Shara Senderoff, co-founder of Futureverse, is joined by our host Jamie Burke on the Metaverse Podcast, discussing the evolving landscape of the metaverse, Web3, and technology entrepreneurship.

Join our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, as he delves deep with Chee Kin in a discussion exploring the metaverse and emerging …

Join our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, as he delves deep with Tina in a dialogue about the innovation landscape, startup engagement, …

Tom joins our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, in a fascinating conversation about virtual commerce and the consumer metaverse. If you’re a …

Listen for a discussion around the future of entrepreneurship within the Web3 space and the potential of AI

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