Virtual Commerce and the Consumer Metaverse, with Thomas Kang of Store Nº8 (Walmart)


Tom joins our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, in a fascinating conversation about virtual commerce and the consumer metaverse. If you’re a Web3 founder, a metaverse enthusiast, or digital commerce innovator, be sure to tune in to:

  • Explore the evolution of commerce from physical to digital, now expanding into virtual 3D spaces, integrating convenience and entertainment for customers.
  • Gain insights into the consumer metaverse
  • Learn the vital role of trust, safety, and inclusiveness in metaverse commerce, as it fosters a secure environment beneficial for users, brands, and overall ROI.
  • Explore the potential of personalization in the metaverse, particularly in digital fashion and entertainment, as new avenues for revenue and customer engagement.
  • Discover how generative AI can revolutionize metaverse content creation and enhance trust and safety, providing efficiencies and improving user experience.

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