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DeFi and Governance

DAOs, DEX’s, and protocols are the best ways to see Web3 technologies in action. Web3 communities are using tokens and voting to decentralize decisionmaking at the grassroots level. Stay up to date on the latest trends through our thought pieces and analysis, where we’re bringing you decentralized design for a Web3 world.

Jasper De Maere, Research Lead at Outlier Ventures, joins our Founder Jamie Burke for a deep dive into the heart of our new Bitcoin Thesis.

Lawrence Lundy joins host Jamie to explore the frontier of cutting-edge technologies, including large language models, neuroscience, and decentralized networks.

Jamie is joined by two exceptional founders, both portfolio companies, to delve into the realm of Real World Assets (RWAs)

Join our host, Jamie Burke, as he delves into the nuances of financial inclusion, community building, and decentralized technologies with Maggie.

Part II: Native Token Flows Introduction In the first part of the uncollateralized lending protocol dissection series, a recap on the general …

This episode is a deep dive into the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology

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