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DeFi and Governance

DAOs, DEX’s, and protocols are the best ways to see Web3 technologies in action. Web3 communities are using tokens and voting to decentralize decisionmaking at the grassroots level. Stay up to date on the latest trends through our thought pieces and analysis, where we’re bringing you decentralized design for a Web3 world.

Realising the full potential of Web3 technology will require integrating it's core infrastructure into the traditional economy We see Real World Assets (RWAs) as the next frontier for Web3 technology; one that's been discussed in the space for years and is now on the cusp of mass-adoption.

Dive deep into real world assets (RWAs) tokenization and learn from Justin Banon, Co-founder of Boson Protocol and Jason Potts, Director of Blockchain Innovation Hub at RMIT University, how Web3 unlocks exponential wealth and a computable economy.

What if there was a way to scale a network without middlemen extracting rent? Leaving more value to be captured by the network participants. Enter crypto-networks.

Dan Held shares his invaluable insights into why Bitcoin stands as the most crucial asset in the cryptocurrency space.

Lawrence Lundy joins host Jamie to explore the frontier of cutting-edge technologies, including large language models, neuroscience, and decentralized networks.

Jamie is joined by two exceptional founders, both portfolio companies, to delve into the realm of Real World Assets (RWAs)

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