Account Abstraction: From Chaos to Clarity

A Practical Guide to Better User Experience

Introduction  Although blockchain technology has been around for a while and the market has grown dramatically over the last decade, resolving the current high-friction onboarding process is the key to the kind of market expansion that will turn native crypto transactions into a mainstream idea. Luckily, new paradigms such as Account Abstraction can encourage crypto […]

Real World Assets Base Camp Launch & our 2024 RWA Thesis

Realising the full potential of Web3 technology will require integrating it’s core infrastructure into the traditional economy We see Real World Assets (RWAs) as the next frontier for Web3 technology; one that’s been discussed in the space for years and is now on the cusp of mass-adoption.

Decentralized Domain Name Systems

During everyday internet use, name services like the Domain Name System (DNS) power our ability to seamlessly navigate the web, however solutions that bring us closer to web3 ideals, particularly for use with fully decentralized applications, have yet to see widespread adoption.

In contrast to the tightly governed DNS, services managed by participants of decentralized blockchain networks aim to…

What would a crypto-uber look like?

What if there was a way to scale a network without middlemen extracting rent? Leaving more value to be captured by the network participants. Enter crypto-networks.