Katie Lundie

Program Manager at Outlier Ventures

Active since: 2022

Who is Katie?

Katie is a Program Manager at Outlier Ventures. Most recently, she led the Polygon Base Camp accelerator program. She works closely with startups building at the forefront of Web3 in the areas of DeFi, Gaming and NFTs. She has previously supported startups building in the areas of fashion, generative AI and the Open Data Economy. She has a decade of career experience in the emerging tech startup scene and the international auction industry.

In a previous life she was an auctioneer at Christie’s. Prior to joining Outlier she led fundraising initiatives for an Outlier portfolio company, Bond180.

Real World Assets Base Camp Launch & our 2024 RWA Thesis

Realising the full potential of Web3 technology will require integrating it’s core infrastructure into the traditional economy We see Real World Assets (RWAs) as the next frontier for Web3 technology; one that’s been discussed in the space for years and is now on the cusp of mass-adoption.