Outlier Ventures and Polygon Team Up to push the frontiers of finance and tokenization


Outlier Ventures and Polygon’s partnership marks a deep-seated commitment to a more open and scalable web.

With major developments like their zkEVM, the Polygon Foundation is a leading force in pushing the frontiers of the Web3 space.

That’s why we’re proudly announcing the fourth installment of the Polygon Base Camp. The Polygon Base Camp was the first Base Camp partner in 2021, and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome it back for another season. We’ve hand-picked an astonishing cohort of four startups which we’re confident will have an impact on the Web3 space.

This season’s Polygon Base Camp revolves around two main themes:

  1. Banking infrastructure to onboard the next billion users using decentralized finance (DeFi) technology.
  2. Application of NFT technology to the real world through tokenization and circularity

Meet the teams here 

  1. Alcancia – Alcancia are addressing the challenges of saving in Latin America by providing smart savings alternatives in DeFi.
  2. Tropykus – Tropykus are building a platform for SMEs to provide loans to employees or collaborators so that they have access to credit without previous history. Meanwhile, SMEs protect their treasury from local currency devaluation and get yield on USDC, and provide better personal development to employees with fair loans.
  3. Junkyard – The Junkyard offers a smart way to recycle useless NFTs into something valuable. It’s a place where you can ‘throw away’ your worthless NFTs to clean your wallet, while earning token rewards. You can also try your luck at fishing for rare NFTs abandoned by degens in order to rescue the most valuable ones.
  4. LIQ– LIQ is an incentivised auction platform for tokenized real-world assets (RWAs), targeting users who need fast liquidity and want to get the best price for their assets. It is a dedicated platform that offers optimal price discovery through social and engaging auctions, while supporting the buying and selling of RWAs all in one place.

These four promising teams will receive 360 degree support from our team of Subject Matter Experts, the Polygon team, and our shared mentor network. They will also receive $100,000 in direct investment designed to steer them through the program.

Overall, we’re confident that the startups making up this cohort will all play a leading role in pushing the frontiers of finance.

To learn more about Outlier’s startup accelerator program and our vision for the space, visit outlierventures.io/basecamp.

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