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Digital Fashion

The metaverse is ushering in a new creator economy, blending the digital and physical worlds. NFTs are changing how companies monetize their creations and the digital space is opening up who can be a creator. Through our Dream Assembly Base Camp accelerator with industry leader FARFETCH, Outlier Ventures is working closely at the foundations of the future of fashion. Keep reading to stay on top of the latest developments in the Web3 fashion space.

Listen for a discussion around the digital fashion industry, how DressX is integrating AI into the fashion world and the transition from social media as a pre-metaverse stage to a full-fledged metaverse

Outlier Ventures and FARFETCH are thrilled to announce the incredible teams making up the second Dream Assembly Base Camp accelerator cohort

Hear from startups that participated in the Dream Assembly Base Camp program about their experiences with the accelerator and the benefits that founders receive by being a part of it.

Erika Wakes-Sneyd is joined by our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, to discuss Adidas' efforts in Web3.

The second part of our 2022 roundup charts the leading trends in Web3 including digital fashion, zero-knowledge, and NFT's.

Listen as we talk to Cathy Hackl about the basics of the metaverse, the future of fashion, and Web2 brands experimenting with Web3.

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