Building a Strong Web3 Community, with Erika Wykes-Sneyd of Adidas /// Studio


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we speak with Erika Wykes-Sneyd, VP of Adidas /// Studio, the Web3 initiative of Adidas.

Erika is joined by our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, to discuss Adidas’ efforts in Web3. This episode is packed with valuable insights for Web3 founders, investors, and anyone interested in building a strong Web3 community. Tune in to:

• Uncover Erika’s fascinating career path and what it takes to be a change agent in a large company;
• Learn about how building a Web3 community fits into the overall Adidas’ brand strategy;
• Gain exclusive insights into the creative process behind their digital fashion collection;
• Discover the reasoning behind Adidas’ collaboration with NFT collections, such as BAYC, Gmoney and Punks Comic.

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