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Identity and privacy

The future of Web3 and the Open Metaverse relies on the foundations of privacy. We explore these fundamentals and how founders can create a scaleable Web3 made for all.

If you're a Web3 founder, community builder, or simply into DeFi, this episode on the Metaverse Podcast with Andrew Ciaccia, is a must-listen to understand Web3 strategies for security and community engagement

Read about our vision for the Open Metaverse, and how Open Meta's technology lies at the core of that vision.

Listen for a discussion on how Web3 can drive a more secure and scalable internet.

The second part of our 2022 roundup charts the leading trends in Web3 including digital fashion, zero-knowledge, and NFT's.

We are happy to support a community-led data platform that lets users share data with projects they believe in, rewarding them in the process.

Outlier's Zero Knowledge Base Camp thesis focuses on privacy, infrastructure, and scaling, which are essential towards spreading decentralization and self-sovereignty to the next billion users.

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