From Zero to Hero with Token Vesting

Many early Web3 companies are starting with a great idea that aims to revolutionize the decentralized tech world. Even the best innovation requires some form of funding to get started and build the intended flywheel economy. Those self-enforcing ecosystems are often…

New Horizons in Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining, with Ryan Condron of Lumerin Protocol

In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, Ryan Condron, creator of Lumerin Protocol and CEO of Titan Industries, joins our host Jamie Burke to discuss a transformative shift in traditional Bitcoin mining. Ryan shares Lumerin’s vision, delving into how Titan and Lumerin offer sustainable, decentralized alternatives for Bitcoin mining. Tune in to:

Dissection of Uncollateralized Lending Protocols

Part II: Native Token Flows Introduction In the first part of the uncollateralized lending protocol dissection series, a recap on the general sector protocol approach as well as comparisons on relevant market data of leading providers have been carried out. The more detailed on-chain analyses in this second part will reveal some key insights on […]