Tokenization Of RWAs: Beyond The Hype

Storing digital copies (tokens) of real world assets on the blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change benefits and ownership tied to everyday assets.

Dissection of Uncollateralized Lending Protocols

Part II: Native Token Flows Introduction In the first part of the uncollateralized lending protocol dissection series, a recap on the general sector protocol approach as well as comparisons on relevant market data of leading providers have been carried out. The more detailed on-chain analyses in this second part will reveal some key insights on […]


Bubbles Bubbles is an API and SDK for community builders of Web3 communities. 📍Germany  Outlier Ventures Base Camp Description: Bubbles is a powerful platform that empowers Web3 communities to thrive by seamlessly reaching and engaging members across multiple applications. By integrating with Bubbles’ API, communities can effortlessly publish updates and announcements that are distributed to […]