Founder Insights on Web3 Gaming, with Tobias Batton of Ex Populus

In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, we welcome Tobias Batton, founder and CEO of Ex Populus, the first Web3 games developer to contribute to Xai. Tobias is known for his Signal Zero publishing platform which drove nearly 1 billion installs for mobile games from companies like MZ, Supercell, and many others. Tune in to:

Fuelling Your Web3 Marketing, with Andy Lark

What is an Outlier Mentor? Outlier wouldn’t be the world’s largest Web3 accelerator were it not for our strong network. In addition to the dozens of subject matter experts that work directly with our teams to help them develop and execute their products, branding, and partnerships, we also employ a sophisticated network of mentors. These […]

New Horizons in Decentralizing Bitcoin Mining, with Ryan Condron of Lumerin Protocol

In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, Ryan Condron, creator of Lumerin Protocol and CEO of Titan Industries, joins our host Jamie Burke to discuss a transformative shift in traditional Bitcoin mining. Ryan shares Lumerin’s vision, delving into how Titan and Lumerin offer sustainable, decentralized alternatives for Bitcoin mining. Tune in to: