Founder Insights on Web3 Gaming, with Tobias Batton of Ex Populus


In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, we welcome Tobias Batton, founder and CEO of Ex Populus, the first Web3 games developer to contribute to Xai.

Tobias is known for his Signal Zero publishing platform which drove nearly 1 billion installs for mobile games from companies like MZ, Supercell, and many others.

Tune in to:

  • Learn about the gaming industry trends and Tobias’ experience building multiple gaming startups over 20+ years- Understand the challenges of deploying blockchain games and how Ex Populus worked to solve them through technologies like layer 3 scaling
  • Discover how the XAI network testnet saw massive adoption through reduced friction and account abstraction – Get an overview of the partnerships, games, and deal flow for the XAI ecosystem post-mainnet launch
  • Gain advice for founders on bootstrapping effectively, focusing on customers over VCs, and achieving consistent success

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