Web3 Sauce: How to Make Your Product Irresistible

The Importance of Market Segmentation in Web3 Marketing The expression, “If something is for everybody, then it’s for nobody” is practically gospel in the world of marketing. Imagine trying to throw a party for everyone in the world… chaos, entropy, and more chaos. However, that’s exactly what you’re doing when you’re trying to address the […]

Building at the intersection of arts, culture, and technology with Katie Lundie

What makes a Web3 expert? Is it decades of experience in the industry? Is it a thorough knowledge of financial markets? What about a deep technical knowledge of how dApps work under the hood? The truth is that Web3 is constantly evolving and there’s no such thing as a “Web3 background”; even someone in the […]

Account Abstraction: From Chaos to Clarity

A Practical Guide to Better User Experience Introduction  Although blockchain technology has been around for a while and the market has grown dramatically over the last decade, resolving the current high-friction onboarding process is the key to the kind of market expansion that will turn native crypto transactions into a mainstream idea. Luckily, new paradigms […]