Outlier Ventures, peaq and Borderless Capital Announce the Six Teams in The DePIN Base Camp Accelerator Program


  • The DePIN Base Camp is a Web3 accelerator program run by Outlier Ventures in collaboration with peaq and supported by Borderless Capital, aiding early-stage Web3 founders working on real-world use cases.
  • The DePIN Base Camp selected six startups building applications, products, and protocols that utilize digital networks, decentralized infrastructures, and data services, unlocking the full potential of DePINs.
  • The remote 12-week accelerator program includes workshops with subject matter experts from Outlier Ventures, mentorship from industry leaders, and support from peaq and Borderless Capital for participating teams.

The DePIN Base Camp program has officially launched

Today Outlier Ventures, the leading global web3 accelerator, and peaq the layer-1 blockchain for DePIN and Machine RWAs (real-world assets), are pleased to announce the selected six teams taking part in the DePIN Base Camp accelerator program. The teams will receive investment from the program’s capital partner Borderless Capital, the leading venture capital firm in the DePIN space. 

The DePIN Base Camp has carefully selected six teams of leading early-stage startups building products across IoT hardware networks, decentralized computing and AI, wireless network optimization, digital twin technology, cybersecurity, and cloud gaming and metaverse. Collectively, their mission is to bring the DePIN sector to the next level with enhanced connectivity, data security, and resource utilization, and put it at the core of such industries as IoT, AI, digital infrastructure, and cloud gaming.

Outlier Ventures, peaq, and Borderless Capital are pleased to introduce  the cohort

Aydo (United Arab Emirates)

Aydo amps up the flexibility of DePIN protocols with seamless third-party device integration, bring-your-own-device style.

AYDO allows users to connect third-party IoT devices and sensors based on ESP32 boards to supported DePIN projects. This allows users to save significant amounts on the hardware costs without locking them into a single ecosystem. At the same time, DePIN projects can focus on their core business and eliminate the need to manufacture and distribute hardware at all. In addition, AYDO Dashboards allow users to easily discover DePIN projects and manage streaming to them.

Kaisar Network (Vietnam)

The leading GPU-as-a-service protocol incentivizing both GPU providers and end-users, powered by $KAI and you.

Kaisar Network is a DePIN protocol specifically designed and optimized for decentralized computing and AI. Kaisar Network’s mission is to reshape the future of decentralized computing by harnessing AI and blockchain to aggregate spare GPU resources, offering them at significantly reduced costs and rewarding participants for providing their GPUs/computation resources

Roam Network (Finland)

Signal Bars to Rewards with DePIN.

Mobile networks connect your phone to the internet. For mobile network operators, enterprise connectivity managers, and tech-savvy users, collecting accurate, real-time mobile network performance data is often challenging and costly. Roam Network simplifies this with the Roam App, allowing users to share their network data for blockchain-based rewards. Our approach includes user-labeled data measurements, offering unique insights not available in traditional methods. Roam Network provides cost-effective, reliable analytics, improving network services and customer experiences for all stakeholders.

ROVR (Hong Kong)

The digital twin of our planet.

ROVR is a decentralized, ultra-high-precision multidimensional digital twin platform for our planet fueling next-generation transportation and 3D AI engines.

Thanks to proprietary highly specialized 3D environmental data acquisition devices, users can easily capture and record environmental information within a 100-meter range with 2cm accuracy. The vast amount of extremely high-definition data generated by ROVR will lay a solid foundation for the next generation of 3D AI training.

TouchBrick (USA) 

Securing AI one dataset at a time.

TouchBrick’s cybersecurity network powers privacy agents that protect your business’s most sensitive data, constantly learning and preventing emerging threats to data directly in your databases. TouchBrick’s privacy-first network enables ethical AI training through synthetic datasets. It is designed to secure the enterprise and enable the compliant use of sensitive data in an industry first. As AI models, healthcare, and fintech industries expand, and the risk of personal data exposure surges, TouchBrick offers true privacy and full data fidelity with a zero-trust onboarding experience.


The DePIN for cloud gaming and immersive experiences.

YOM is building the first cloud gaming DePIN on Solana, streaming games, white-label experiences , and entirely new entertainment formats at scale. Leveraging a distributed network of gaming hardware, YOM offers global low-latency near-zero costs cloud gaming on any device and channel, effectively eliminating the need for dedicated game consoles such as Xbox or Playstation.

“DePIN is pushing through boundaries beyond digital resources – it’s rapidly expanding into data/IoT and social platforms as it goes mainstream. The decreasing cost of computational resources enables individuals and smaller organizations to contribute to DePIN networks, unlocking their true potential.” Said Riccardo Pagano, Outlier Venture’s DePIN Accelerator Lead. “With the launch of this program, we are leveraging our extensive industry expertise to support founders building scalable ventures with tangible impacts on the real world needs of people. Even in the toughest markets, we help founders break down barriers.

“We’ve seen and spoken to so many talented teams at this first edition of the DePIN Base Camp. It’s been a pleasure to be a part of it.,” Max Thake, Co-founder of peaq. “This first cohort demonstrated how DePIN is well on its way to upgrading today’s most important real-world industries, showcasing Web3’s vast potential to drive real-world innovation and change. peaq was built to power this new paradigm, and we’re thrilled to see so many awesome projects bring it to life across the board with help from Outlier Ventures, Borderless Capital, and peaq.”

Throughout the program, the teams will receive tailored support from Outlier Ventures’ in-house experts on vital areas such as product roadmap, community building, entity structuring, and fundraising. peaq will also share its expertise in building and running a DePIN, covering aspects from architecture to core business model and incentive mechanisms. 

Álvaro Gracia, Partner — DePIN, Borderless Capital, said: 

We are excited to support these great teams in their process to become leading DePIN networks in their respective verticals. This cohort comprises some of the best applications of this nascent technology to create solutions to real world problems by leveraging token incentives. Borderless has invested in 35+ DePIN projects and will continue to support this leading Web3 vertical.

The start-ups will have direct access to and support from a network of leading industry mentors and investors regarding their future fundraising efforts, with teams taking part in a Demo Day at the end of the program. 

Congratulations to all the teams on joining our latest cohort! To be the first to hear about their exciting achievements, sign up to our newsletter at outlierventures.io/signup.

Supporting the cohort

About peaq

peaq is leading a global infrastructure revolution, empowering people to own and earn from mobility, energy, connectivity, environment, agriculture, and digital infrastructure. peaq is a layer-1 blockchain designed to be the go-to backbone for DePINs (real-world apps). It is home to more than 25 applications in 11 industries and to the 500,000+ devices, vehicles, machines, and robots (Machine RWAs) that run on them. peaq serves as permissionless, borderless digital infrastructure for increasingly intelligent machines to serve all of humanity – the 100%, not just the 1% – democratizing abundance in the Age of AI and job automation.

For more information, visit peaq, follow peaq on Twitter/X for updates, and join the conversation on Discord.

About Borderless Capital 

Borderless is a leading investment management firm focused on Web3 technology, dedicated to supporting the next generation of innovators who are driving the development of groundbreaking technologies that will enable the creation of value without borders. Borderless comprises a team of builders, partners, and investors who adopt a long-term perspective and strive to unleash the full potential of open, community-driven networks. Since 2018, Borderless has made 200+ investments across infrastructure, business applications, and nascent cryptographic protocols, and has played an integral role in the development of some of the most significant and innovative Web3 communities.

For more information, please visit their website at borderlesscapital.io

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