Outlier Ventures Announces the seven teams in the AI x Crypto Base Camp Cohort


  • The AI x Crypto Base Camp is a virtual Web3 accelerator program run by Outlier Ventures and backed by ICP (Internet Computer Protocol) 
  • The AI x Crypto Base Camp selected seven startups focused on advancing innovation at the convergence of AI and crypto
  • Start-ups will have direct access and support from Web3 mentors including the programs portfolio ambassadors Fetch.AI, Ocean Protocol, and DIA

The AI x Crypto Base Camp program has officially kicked off

Today Outlier Ventures together with ICP (Internet Computer Protocol), which enables full-stack, on-chain decentralization for AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Web3 applications, are excited to announce the seven selected teams taking part in the AI x Crypto Base Camp accelerator program.

The chosen seven startups are focused on advancing innovation at the convergence of AI and blockchain technology, creating new business models and exciting new opportunities as both technologies merge. The selected teams were carefully chosen from hundreds of applications globally and consist of leading early startups focused on AI agents, AI resource allocation, accessibility, cost efficiency, secure data verification, decentralized finance strategies, and open-source AI development, aiming to overcome the current challenges of the web. 

Outlier Ventures and ICP are pleased to announce the seven teams participating in the program: Axone, Dricity, Fungi, Redpill, Stateless, OniCai and Tuvana Labs

As AI weaves into the fabric of society, we believe that the convergence of AI and blockchain technology is transformative, enabling AI to reach its full potential while enforcing privacy, democratising access, and decentralising its governance. We are excited to work with founders building at the intersection of AI and Web3 technologies, helping them propel their business to the next level.” Said Ruth Galvin, Outlier Ventures’ AI x Crypto Base Camp Accelerator Lead. “We are equally thrilled to bring an exceptional group of partners to support the founders into this program. Delivering the AI x Crypto Base Camp program with the support of ICP and our portfolio ambassadors, Fetch.Ai, DIA and Ocean Protocol means we are able to create a program that delivers exceptional support to founders that we believe are shaping the future of the Web.” 

The Internet Computer allows you to run AI models entirely on-chain to benefit from the security, resilience and power of the Internet Computer blockchain. Dominic Williams, Founder and Chief Scientist at the DFINTIY Foundation  (Internet Computer Protocol) said: “The Internet Computer allows AI to run as smart contracts, on the blockchain itself, delivering game-changing advantages. We believe AI will be at the beating heart of the future Web3 ecosystem, because of this we’re excited to partner with Outlier Ventures to bring the possibilities of decentralized AI to life”.

Throughout the program, Outlier Ventures, ICP will provide bespoke and tailored support to each startup’s needs across multiple verticals including, AI agents as portable systems that independently pursue goals and execute complex tasks. The cohort will also be supported by Outlier Ventures’ industry leading portfolio Ocean Protocol, Fetch Ai and DIA, who are providing insights and mentorship to the teams. 

For more information, please visit: https://outlierventures.io/base-camp/ai-base-camp/

Meet the Cohort

Axone (France)

The Orchestration layer for AI

Axone is a layer 1 designed for collaborative AI training, governance, and monetization at scale.

Our solution provides AI builders and communities a framework to share and orchestrate anything enforced by custom composable conditions to guarantee privacy, compatibility, and value sharing.

This orchestration layer enables all users to easily create collaborative AI ecosystems, access data or infra from any existing protocols across web2 and web3 (DePIN, AI, Data, etc.) 

Dricity (USA)

Dricity lets anyone have a personal AI assistant, leveraging their local data and computing power, and, when needed, access cost-effective private AI computing power through a decentralized, censorship- and bias-free infrastructure.

Dricity is a verifiable, decentralized AI cloud that connects idle and underused GPU resources globally to meet the soaring demand for AI computing power. Our platform prioritizes local-first, private AI computations, addressing traditional cloud providers’ high costs and restrictive policies. By leveraging Dricity, users can efficiently access cost-effective GPU resources while ensuring strong privacy and security measures. We provide a seamless user experience with the flexibility to delegate large tasks to our private decentralized cloud endpoints when necessary, ensuring all computations are censorship- and bias-free.

Fungi (Spain)

Your DeFi Agent

Fungi is an Agent that enables users to perform on-chain transactions, execute complex DeFi strategies, and gain expert-level crypto insights through a simple, natural language interface.  

Redpill (USA)

RedPill is making the world-class AI (like OpenAI, Claude) accessible to everyone, everywhere

Redpill aggregates top AI models into a single API. This offers faster, more affordable, and verifiable AI services globally.

Stateless (USA)

Trustless transactions and automated resolutions across decentralized networks

Stateless provides trustless standards and light client frameworks for any decentralized network. Our adaptable protocol drives confidence in transactions and automation across blockchain, AI, and beyond, while enabling permissionless resolutions to data disputes. By distributing trustless standards, Stateless enables growth, reconciles losses, and generates yield through collateralized risk pools, ensuring secure, verifiable transactions for all stakeholders.

Tuvana Labs (Canada)

Tuvana Labs is building Hive Network to make it simpler for anyone to contribute to the creation of AI and get rewarded for it.

Tuvana Labs is a pioneering technology firm building Hive Network to create a decentralized platform for AI agents, enabling them to function autonomously across both blockchains and traditional networks. The company focuses on enhancing the transparency and efficacy of AI operations, addressing significant industry challenges such as AI research funding, data monetization, and the trustworthiness of AI agents. Hive Network will empower researchers, developers, and engineers by providing innovative tools and platforms to build, monetize, and manage AI solutions in a collaborative, open environment.

OniCai  (USA & Germany)

Intelligence-as-a-Service – Create your own AI with the click of a button. 

We democratize access to and creation of generative AI as the premier Intelligence-as-a-Service provider by making creating and controlling generative AI services as simple as minting an NFT.

Congratulations to all the teams on joining our latest cohort! To be the first to hear about their exciting achievements, sign up to our newsletter at outlierventures.io/signup.

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