Web3 Strategies for Security and Community Engagement


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we chat with Andrew Ciaccia of Interlock, a company focused on blockchain-based security solutions and threat intelligence for DeFi.

Andrew joins host Jamie Burke to discuss the untold challenges and strategies for launching and scaling a Web3 startup.

If you’re a Web3 founder, community builder, or simply into DeFi, this episode is a must-listen. You’ll:

  • Learn ways to fend off phishing and social engineering threats in Web3 to better protect your assets.
  • Find out how rewarding everyday users can boost your cybersecurity and threat awareness in a Web3 environment.
  • Understand the critical role of strategic messaging and goal alignment for a successful Web3 startup launch.
  • Gain key insights into the unique challenges and opportunities of community-building when moving from Web2 to Web3.
  • Discover how transparency and public interaction in Web3 can both strengthen and challenge your community.

Want to be a guest on The Metaverse Podcast? Get in touch with Laura Stancescu by emailing laura.stancescu@outlierventures.io!

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