What could tokenised generative AI look like?

Generative AI is evolving at such a rapid pace; a pace that is only accelerating and is more rapid than our human minds can reasonably comprehend. What we would once consider distant-future-sci-fi capabilities, are being realised today. This technology is both promising and worrying; in the hands of the few (as opposed to the hands […]

Bonding Curves and SuperPowered Tokens

In the first part of this two part series, we looked at bonding curves: how they work and some of their variations. Let us examine how they may be used in conjunction with other gamified mechanisms to maximise the odds of healthy governance, and attract participants with novel economic games.

How can bonding curves help align DAO stakeholders?

When it comes to token-based governance, there are many different ways of placing tokens in the hands of the community. Let’s dive into one often-overlooked method and how it can tighten alignment across stakeholders.

Using Off-chain Identities On-chain

Why our real-life identities cannot be used trustlessly Although the digital frontier of web3 makes grand promises of ‘trustlessness’ and ‘decentralization’, this could be argued to be more of an elusive dream than a real possibility. Many vectors of centralisation exist, and chief among them is the management of our real-life identities. Currently, we cannot […]