Metaverse Insights from a Banking Leader, with Lam Chee Kin of DBS Bank


Join our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, as he delves deep with Chee Kin in a discussion exploring the metaverse and emerging technologies. Whether you’re a business leader, technology enthusiast, or metaverse passionate, be sure to tune in to:

  • Gain insights into DBS’s exploration of the metaverse and its business models from the perspective of a coder, gamer, and DBS executive (Read the Metaverse Whitepaper here).
  • Explore Chee Kin’s personal view that the metaverse’s value lies in enabling human experiences beyond physical limitations, not in social media hype, and how this aligns with humanity’s interests. 
  • Discover the three pillars – immersive content experiences, accessible delivery systems, and digital assets – that enable new metaverse business models.
  • Learn about their approach to identifying and addressing legal, regulatory, and ethical risks and considerations for creating a responsible and safe metaverse.
  • Delve into how DBS approaches innovation at the edge of emerging technologies like the metaverse – extrapolating economic models, anticipating interoperability needs, and proactively building capabilities to enable responsible participation.

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