Introducing Outlier’s Call for Builders


Call for Builders

In this work, we look at some of the narratives that we believe are exciting areas where founders are building promising new Web3 primitives and where we, as the global leading Web3 accelerator and most active Web3 investor, can have significant impact in supporting founders at the beginning of their journey. 

While this is not an exhaustive list, the below outlines verticals where we are expecting to run a program in the next three to six months:

Not all these themes are at the same stage in their life cycle. Some are more mature than others. Below is a quick timeline of how we think they stack up to one another:

Our excitement and belief that this is prime time for these verticals generally revolved around inflexion points in their developments. These can be based on new technological breakthroughs, regulatory clarity, increased mindshare and interest in the vertical, or the beginning of a long-sought-after market fit. In the pages below, we dive deeper into the dynamics of each of these verticals.

Alongside insight on the vertical, we share some requests for builders. This list should be a source of inspiration for anyone building in these areas but is by no means an exhaustive list of pockets we’re looking to work with. That being said, if you are working on these, get in touch!

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