Jasper De Maere

Research at Outlier Ventures

Active since: 2022

Who is Francesca?

Jasper De Maere is the Research Lead at Outlier Ventures, the global leading Web3 accelerator. He has five years in Sales & Trading at BNP Paribas and Morgan Stanley, and two years at Morgan Stanley as a Research Analyst covering digital assets & Web3. Jasper brings a blend of financial acumen and blockchain expertise. His deep knowledge of financial infrastructure and strong interests in Web3 verticals such as DeFi, DID, Privacy, DePIN, and Social.

Tokenization Of RWAs: Beyond The Hype

Storing digital copies (tokens) of real world assets on the blockchain has the potential to fundamentally change benefits and ownership tied to everyday assets. Increasingly

Exchanges’ Move To Open Source

The war for crypto users is taking a new shape. We see exchanges moving from closed to open systems as they embrace Web3 wallets, build EVM L2s and adopt existing infrastructure such as the lightning network.

Into The Wormhole, A Cross-Chain Reality

The Wormhole Foundation, the leading blockchain interoperability platform and Outlier Ventures are proud to announce the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program.