Into The Wormhole, A Cross-Chain Reality


The Wormhole Foundation, the leading blockchain interoperability platform and Outlier Ventures are proud to announce the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator program. The program will be run with the support of Venture Partner Borderless Capital, and will provide teams with workshops with subject matter experts from Outlier Ventures and Wormhole’s group of core contributors, as well as mentorship from industry experts, and $200,000 USD investment from Borderless Capital for participating teams.

The Cross-chain Messaging Pioneer

Wormhole is a pioneering cross-chain messaging protocol that facilitates the transfer of assets and data between various blockchains. Its architecture relies on guardians to safeguard the network, ensuring transaction integrity and deterring potential attacks. 

Wormhole’s design emphasizes four core principles:

  • robust security
  • high scalability to accommodate a surge in user demands
  • user-friendly interface for both developers and regular users
  • versatility in handling a myriad of assets and data, ranging from tokens and NFTs to smart contract information. 

For Web3 founders, Wormhole offers a robust toolkit for enhancing cross-chain interoperability. This includes facilitating cross-chain asset transactions, enabling the development of decentralized applications (DApps) that span multiple blockchains, and fostering cross-chain data sharing. In essence, Wormhole stands as a potential game-changer in how users and developers engage with diverse blockchains in the evolving web3 landscape.

Why Cross-chain?

Cross-chain capabilities stand as a pivotal aspect in the future of Web3, primarily because they encapsulate the full potential of decentralized technologies. Through cross-chain bridging, users gain expansive access to a plethora of assets and applications spanning various blockchains, leveraging the unique offerings of each platform. This not only amplifies liquidity—promoting optimal pricing and lower fees—but also significantly boosts scalability by distributing transactional loads over multiple chains. 

The essence of a cross-chain reality lies in its promise of choice and flexibility. Users can seamlessly select and switch between blockchains tailored to their requirements, while developers are empowered to create innovative applications that harness the strengths of diverse blockchains. Essentially, cross-chain dynamics foster growth, innovation, and competition within blockchain, setting the stage for a flourishing and versatile web3 ecosystem.

What Excites Us?

Between Wormhole Messaging, Connect & Gateway, there are a lot of applications & web3 solutions that can leverage the Wormhole product suite to build innovative solutions across different verticals. 

We are looking out for any interesting solution that leverages cross-chain interoperability however we are particularly excited about:

Cross-chain Liquidity – Solving the fragmented DeFi liquidity & governance as protocols issue these on independent instances across chains. 

  • Solutions supporting X- chain liquidity management, shared liquidation and unified governance
  • Solutions & SDKs facilitating AMMs to conduct X-chain arbitrage and provide liquidity

Cross-chain Infrastructure, Data & Payments – Building out “non-core” DeFi use cases as protocols focus on added utility & abstraction

  • Creating data infrastructure to have uniform X-chain price feeds across (non) crypto native assets (Tokens, ETFs, Securities, FX, RWA)
  • Solutions & SDKs, enabling users, merchants and developers to expand X-chain payments infrastructure

Cross-chain Decentralized Identity – Focusing on compliance-first solutions, involving proof-of-identity to participate.

  • Cross-chain DID solutions that address the friction of operating cross-chain
  • Institutional-grade X-chain privacy solutions, allowing these players to tap into cross-chain liquidity

At Outlier Ventures we believe continued innovation in cross-chain interoperability is pivotal in building out the future of Web3 and the open metaverse. The seamless interconnectivity broadens access to diverse assets and applications, amplifying liquidity and optimizing the overall user experience across decentralized environments. We are excited to use our experience across different ecosystems and start accelerating companies that leverage Wormhole’s industry leading interoperability capacities as we uncover the next chapter of the Web3 cross-chain future. 

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