Web3 is Changing the Game for Consumer Brands, with Marc Baumann of FiftyOne Ventures


In this episode of The Metaverse Podcast, Marc Baumann, Founder of FiftyOne Ventures joins our host Jamie Burke to delve into the the dynamic landscape of consumer brands in the Web3 space.

Tune in to:

  • Explore how leading global brands are actively embracing the Web3 space, experimenting with technologies and recognizing the potential for enhanced consumer engagement.
  • Explore the four main Web3 consumer brand verticals: tokenization/NFTs, loyalty/rewards, community/immersive commerce, and data/analytics and learn how brands are venturing into these areas to create innovative and meaningful experiences.
  • Discover how brands are using NFT-based loyalty experiences to engage their core customer base, unlocking perks and paving the way for future activations.
  • Learn about the rise of community-led brands, where NFT-based communities actively contribute to brand building, fostering loyalty, advocacy, and product development and cultural impact.
  • Understand the challenge of on-chain data transparency in Web3. Explore how brands navigate this issue, focusing on potential solutions and privacy-centric approaches.
  • Explore macro trends like omni-channel experiences, gamification, and improved infrastructure, shaping the future of brand activations in the Web3 space.
  • Tune in to gain valuable insights into the evolving world of Web3 branding and discover the potential for transformative economic growth, wealth generation, and shifts in consumer engagement.

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