“Bitcoin is the most important asset in this space”, with Dan Held


In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, Bitcoin educator and advisor Dan Held joins our host, Jasper De Maere, Research Lead at Outlier Ventures.

With years of experience in the blockchain arena, Dan shares his invaluable insights into why Bitcoin stands as the most crucial asset in the cryptocurrency space. The conversation explores transaction equality, the permissionless nature of Bitcoin, the potential influence of institutional investors, Bitcoin ETF approvals, and more.

Tune in to:
• Gain insights into how ordinals and Layer 2 solutions are changing the game for Bitcoin transactions.
• Learn about the growing interest of institutional investors in Bitcoin and the impact of Bitcoin ETFs.
• Dive into the details of Bitcoin’s security model, including the implications of innovations like ordinals.
• Gain clarity on the differences and benefits of Proof of Work versus Proof of Stake in the context of Bitcoin.
• Gain perspective on Bitcoin’s robustness, having survived multiple market cycles over a decade
• Learn about Outlier’s Bitcoin Base Camp program, with a focus on accelerating companies exploring and building applications that cater to user demands, particularly in DeFi.
• Uncover the opportunities in DeFi applications in the Bitcoin ecosystem, leveraging its substantial liquidity, user base, and potential Total Value Locked (TVL).

This episode is a must-listen for Web3 founders, blockchain investors, and crypto enthusiasts eager to understand the depth and breadth of Bitcoin’s influence and future potential.


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