Verifying Digital Media Provenance through Blockchain


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we talk to Vera Wu of Numbers Protocol, with the mission to ensure provenance for all types of creative works created by humans & AI.

Vera is joined by our host and founder, Jamie Burke, discussing the future of digital media provenance and blockchain integration.

If you are a content creator, enterprise leader, or blockchain enthusiast, this episode is for you. You will:

  • Gain insights into combating misinformation and verifying digital media through blockchain technology to build trust and attribution.
  • Learn about the integration of blockchain in business for transparent, efficient stakeholder interactions and community-driven digital standards.
  • Discover how community-driven blockchain protocols empower users to contribute to and verify digital media indexing and provenance.
  • Learn about Numbers’ flexible go-to-market strategy focusing on both individual creators and larger enterprises for network growth.
  • Discover how the company collaborates with news media and content platforms to archive and protect digital media for various applications.

Learn how Numbers Protocol integrates with creative tools to automatically capture and store metadata and usage history on a blockchain.


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