The Convergence Alliance Launch

The launch of The Convergence Alliance brought together the leaders building the next phase of the Web from open source protocols, enterprise, start-ups, government bodies, and academia.

Energy as Data: Decarbonization, Digitization, and Decentralization

We are transitioning from a centralized energy system reliant on burning fossil fuels, to a distributed and peer-to-peer system in which renewables are increasingly used.  This transition brings with it a whole host of technological challenges that the energy sector has never needed to deal with.To integrate these advanced data technologies holistically, the energy sector should look to the Convergence Stack as a framework

Decentralized Data Exchanges Give Value To Data In Smart Cities

These marketplaces are made possible because of the technologies lower in stack from hardware, distribution, routing, verification, and interfacing. To learn more about the Convergence Stack, a valuable framework for understanding and building the next phase of digital infrastructure in cities, download the paper here. Decentralised Data Marketplaces Without a free flow of data, there […]

Decentralised And Open Data Is The Foundation Of A Smart City

This new infrastructure requires a host of technologies from the hardware to secure the data to the tools to distribute the data like distributed ledgers. It will also need new routing and authentication technologies, interfacing technologies to make it easier to build applications, and new services, marketplaces and applications for users to benefit from what […]