Since 2014, Outlier Ventures has collaborated with and invested in over 250 Web3 startups through our Basecamp accelerator and Ascent token launch programs. During this period, we’ve encountered numerous Web3 companies seeking to raise from venture capital using various fundraising instruments. These companies…

From Zero to Hero with Token Vesting

Many early Web3 companies are starting with a great idea that aims to revolutionize the decentralized tech world. Even the best innovation requires some form of funding to get started and build the intended flywheel economy. Those self-enforcing ecosystems are often…

Fundraising Market Insights Q3 2023

Outlier Ventures presents the Fundraising Market Insights for Q3 2023, in which fundraising market themes and trends are discussed in light of the broader market.

Fundraising Market Overview – H1 2023

Crypto Market – How has this year’s market performed to date? 2022 was crypto’s 2nd worst performing year since inception .  Let’s see how that has affected this year’s market.