Fundraising Market Insights Q3 2023


Isolated data is meaningless without interpretation and elaboration. Therefore, Outlier Ventures presents the Fundraising Market Insights for Q3, in which fundraising market themes and trends are discussed in light of the broader market. In this quarter of 2023, the following were the prevalent market-guiding themes:

  • Fundraising markets still in decline: Q3 data showed the lowest fundraising market levels since late 2020, with September showing somewhat hopeful signs
  • Gaming & DePIN – 20% market share: although most investors are still focused on infra and DeFi, Gaming & DePIN deals have gained substantial traction, now making up around 20% of all private market deals
  • Investors focus on early stage: As later stage deals decline, seed stage deals have captured even more market share, now sitting at 26% compared to 16% last year – with Series B & C deals dropping to under 5% compared to last year’s 25%
  • Outlier Ventures is the most active investor in Q3: Outlier Ventures now has more than 2.5x the number of investments compared to the next most active investor in 2023
  • 48 new funds raised over $3.8 billion: 48 funds have raised capital in Q3, showing that although fundraising markets have dropped, investors are preparing to deploy capital

For more details on fundraising market trends in Q3 2023, make sure to look through the insights slideshow below!

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