Listen for a discussion around the future of Web3 technology and the Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator

LONDON, U.K. 2023 – Outlier Ventures, the leading global Web3 accelerator and founder community, has announced the first cohort for …

When it comes to token-based governance, there are many different ways of placing tokens in the hands of the community. Let's dive into one often-overlooked method and how it can tighten alignment across stakeholders

Producing a high-end movie or AAA game is a slow and costly process. How can generative AI and blockchain usher in a new networked creative renaissance?

When it comes to exploring whether your idea is investable, it is key to identify the need you’re solving, the size of the problem, and the potential of the solution in the years to come.

When a founder witnesses or experiences a problem, it becomes their burning mission to solve it. As it begins to occupy their minds day and night, they need to share it with the people around them. Outlier CEO and Founder Jamie Burke breaks down the founder's journey from insight to execution.

Humayun Sheikh of and our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, are discussing the exciting possibilities of Artificial Intelligence in the Web3 space.

Training and running AI models is compute-intensive and costly – and does not compensate creators fairly for their work. Can …

Once a founder has a great story and a strong founding team, it’s time to figure out who will be the first hires. Founders need to find people who not only have a passion for the mission, but can also play an impactful role alongside the team.

The Future of Web3 data

In this interview, Arinze Clifford, Video Producer at Outlier Ventures, sits down with Luke Judge, CEO of TapX, who lays out his view on the

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Who is my Real market?

How do founders seize market opportunities? And what are the most important questions to ask yourself when identifying your target audience.

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What problem am I trying to solve? 

One of the most outstanding mistakes that early-stage make is focusing on an idea that is too big. How can startup founders identify the problem they are trying to solve and avoid mistakes along the way?

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So what is the Open Metaverse?

Despite the hype around the Metaverse, few people fully understand its potential. Dive into the technological, economic, and social system that is fundamentally changing the web.

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How to build a founder team

Finding a co-founder can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a founding team. However, two founders raise the chances of startup success. Outlier’s CTO and co-founder Aron Van Ammers discusses how to navigate founder dynamics and build a strong team.

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