What makes a Web3 expert? Is it decades of experience in the industry? Is it a thorough knowledge of financial …

Outlier Ventures and NTDP’s first Web3 accelerator program underscores the combined dedication to fostering technological advancement in Saudi Arabia and supporting founders. 

A Practical Guide to Better User Experience Introduction  Although blockchain technology has been around for a while and the market …

Outlier Ventures announced the launch of the DePIN base Camp accelerator program in collaboration with peaq, the layer-1 blockchain for real-world applications

Our Head of Investment and Cryptoeconomics discusses why he loves working with founders.

Today Outlier Ventures together with Plassa Capital, an early-stage investment firm across the global crypto ecosystem and, IOV Labs, core …

Outlier Ventures and Wormhole Foundation are pleased to announce the selected teams taking part in the Wormhole Base Camp accelerator …

Outlier Ventures and Futureverse are pleased to announcee the first cohort of the Futureverse Base Camp accelerator program today. The …

In this episode of the Metaverse Podcast, we welcome Tobias Batton, founder and CEO of Ex Populus, the first Web3 …

Who is my Real market?

How do founders seize market opportunities? And what are the most important questions to ask yourself when identifying your target audience.

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What problem am I trying to solve? 

One of the most outstanding mistakes that early-stage make is focusing on an idea that is too big. How can startup founders identify the problem they are trying to solve and avoid mistakes along the way?

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So what is the Open Metaverse?

Despite the hype around the Metaverse, few people fully understand its potential. Dive into the technological, economic, and social system that is fundamentally changing the web.

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How to build a founder team

Finding a co-founder can be one of the most challenging aspects of building a founding team. However, two founders raise the chances of startup success. Outlier’s CTO and co-founder Aron Van Ammers discusses how to navigate founder dynamics and build a strong team.

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