Our latest Base Camp cohort focuses on mainstream Web3, scalable blockchain infrastructure and AI Powered Blockchain.

We know that being a founder in Web3 is hard, much harder than a founder in a classic Web2 startup.  …

“Why would anyone buy a token?" Take an inside look at the source of value behind Web3's most valuable assets.

Store Nº8 and Outlier Ventures Launch the  Store Nº8 dCommerce Base Camp Accelerator Program  Outlier Ventures are excited to announce …

Listen for a discussion around the digital fashion industry, how DressX is integrating AI into the fashion world and the transition from social media as a pre-metaverse stage to a full-fledged metaverse

The NFT industry has rapidly matured due to a confluence of adverse macro conditions and a lack of catalysts for innovation. The question that arises now is: what's the next step?

Listen for a discussion around unique use cases for blockchain technology, innovative use cases at the intersection of Blockchain and AI and projects we're interested in investing in

The first of a two-part series: his article provides an overview on the current market situation of the underlying native ERC-20 protocol tokens.

Part I: Market Situation Introduction Our new thesis The Open Metaverse Under Attack – Fight Back introduced many encouraging growth …


Why we invested in Idexo

Introducing a simpler solution for Web 3 developers, Idexo. Idexo allows anyone to easily integrate different blockchain features directly into applications, such as NFT minting,

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Why we Invested in Alkemi

An analysis of the market reveals why DeFi participation has lagged the broader ecosystem: institutional participation. We believe this has been due to three critical

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Why we invested in Meme.com

Memes get their value from their remixes, reshares and re-edits. They have the ability to spread by means of imitation from person to person within

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