Founders’ Journey Inside Base Camp Accelerator


In today’s episode of the Metaverse Podcast, we delve into the founder journey of remarkable Outlier alumni who went through the Base Camp Accelerator.

The founders joining us are:
• Alicia Maule, co-founder & CEO of Givepact
• Shay Eliahu, founder & CEO of Oddin
• Mike Gault, founder & CEO of Alphabill Labs
• William De’Ath, co-founder of Guardians of the Blockchain

Here’s what you can look forward to:
• Gain insights into the exciting journey of our successful Outlier alumni, from idea inception to achieved milestones.
• Understand the complexities and challenges these startups faced prior to joining the Base Camp Accelerator.
• Learn about how our accelerator program provided solutions to these hurdles, promoting growth and resilience.
• Discover the practical benefits of resources offered by Outlier, including invaluable mentorships and dynamic networking opportunities.
• Appreciate the enduring value of being part of the Outlier network and the personal and professional transformation enabled by the program.
• Hear first-hand accounts and recommendations for potential accelerator program applicants, straight from our seasoned alumni.

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