Digitizing Brand Interaction, with Bryan Georges of iiNDYVERSE


In today’s episode of The Metaverse Podcast, we host Bryan Georges of iiNDYVERSE, a company with a mission to augment brands’ customer engagement campaigns. Bryan is joined by our host and CEO for a riveting discussion. If you are a digital marketer or a brand struggling to boost customer spend and engagement.

Tune in to:

  • Learn about Bryan’s transition from FinTech to mobile identity, and understand iiNDYVERSE’s innovative onboarding methods and their vision for bridging virtual and physical experiences via NFTs.
  • Gain insights into how NFT technology is enabling the conversion of any media type into a digital collectible, enhancing user interaction and opening up new utility possibilities in gaming and virtual environments.
  • Explore the shift from traditional email/SMS marketing to experiential marketing, leveraging messenger-first channels for higher engagement.
  • Dive into the concept of autonomous communities, with iiNDYVERSE serving as a cross-metaverse CRM for various stakeholders.
  • Discover how a physical location can be transformed into a global metaverse experience, providing interactive events and community-building opportunities while ensuring artists’ control over their IP and data.

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