Meet our Latest Base Camp Cohort


We’re thrilled to announce the teams making up the latest Outlier ventures Base Camp accelerator cohort, in partnership with Decasonic

This 12-week program focuses on mainstream Web3, scalable blockchain infrastructure and AI-Powered Blockchain

Meet the teams 👇


Assisterr are an AI Assistant that uses Large Language Models and GPT models fed from Social, News, onchain and financial data sources to generate user specific research reports and market insightsis focused on Crypto Market Analysis and bespoke Portfolio Performance reports for experienced traders. Their tech uses Large Language Models and GPT models that is fed information from Social, News, onchain and financial data sources to generate user specific research reports and market insights. They offer a fremium model with a tiered SAAS model for standards, advanced and professional traders


Bubbles is a communication layer that connects Web3 communities with ther token holders across various Web3 apps and Communication Protocols. Their omnichannel approach allows community managers to broadcast messages to their community via Web3 Apps, Wallets, marketplaces + web3 enables social networks as well as Web2, through email, twitter and discord – and consolidation of discord announcments.. This could be a message around a community announcement, call-to-action such as Raffles and Mints as well as news updates. Focus on business model.

Continuum is a learning platform that makes vocational learning fast, fun and social through short courses and rewards. Continuum partners with Web3 brands to build and publish engaging educational content on their site. Learners can improve their skills in areas related to the brand and receive rewards in the form of cryptocurrency, tokens, and NFTs. This approach combines education, gamification, and incentivization to encourage learners to engage with the content and develop their skills on-chain.

OkTY is data-powered platform that reverses churn, grows conversions and drives stickiness of user for Brands; while also helping its Gen Z users monetize their data to pay for products and services from brands they love. To achieve this, OkTY has created a suite of products comprising unique pay-with-your-data payment tools; which drives superior ROI for brands.Seamlessly integrating into online stores and subscription partners, OkTY enables customers to opt-in to share their data and convert it into value (cash/digital currency), that can be used to make purchases at their preferred retailers, creators, or subscription platforms. By doing so, OkTY optimizes a brands advertising expenditure, maximizes customer engagement, and drives enhanced sales performance.

Contented provides brands with a better, faster, and more cost-effective way to engage and reward creators. Its decentralized ecosystem fosters collaboration, harnesses AI and puts more power and profit in the hands of both professional and burgeoning creative talent. Community-driven, it will become the go-to content platform for buyers, creatives and Web3 builders

Neuron is a web3 protocol that allows software applications to discover and connect to IoT devices. The protocol rewards device contributors, reduces barriers to entry for developers, and aims to work in the interests of all of its community members

We’re thrilled to work closely with our teams to onboard the next billion users into Web3!

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