How to turn a Zero Knowledge idea into a mass-market solution


What our Zero Knowledge Base Camp teams learned from the program

How to prove something without revealing it? This is the vision of Zero-Knowledge proofs, a handy piece of cryptography which stores data on-chain, generating a simple verifiable proof of information.

At Outlier Ventures, we’re extremely optimistic about the vast use cases that this technology can have for creating a privacy-preserving and scalable web.

That’s why we launched an accelerator program dedicated to building the next generation of Zero-Knowledge Applications. Our partner ScalingX was there to provide support, mentorship, and advice to the teams.

Learn more about how our program helped ZK teams take their products to the next level. 

Telling a good story


It can be very difficult to articulate the value proposition of an infrastructure project to attract early users and partners and create a rapid feedback loop.

The team at Radius leveraged Outlier’s expertise to create a comprehensive go-to-market strategy for their decentralized sequencer. Through various conversations with our product and engineering team as well as our token design team, Radius created a series of partner proposals and developer documentation that has allowed them to begin conversations with potential partners and users, who will be an integral part of their product development.


Each feature you build is a bet. This is even more important at the early stages of development in a startup.

DataHive joined the ZK Base Camp with a grand vision of decentralizatied data-ownership and a host of impressive partnerships with CPG companies. By the end of the program, DataHive had a clear product roadmap, with features defined for each of their stakeholders. Through this exercise, the team was able to compare features against their potential value to users, as well as their complexity of implementation, allowing them to have structured development timeline.


One of the hardest problem an early stage founder faces is defining their product’s unique selling point.

The team at vSelf undertook this challenge during the Zero Knowledge Base Camp, testing a variety of hypothesis with our in-house experts, mentors and the market. Outlier also provided extensive research into the Web3 loyalty landscape and the team at vSelf ended the program with a clear value proposition and several pilots underway!

Innovating Fast: Focus on DeFi

DeFi is one of our chief areas of expertise at Outlier Ventures; an area where many teams were able to innovate fast.


Liquidity is the name of the game in DeFi. Especially when you are targetting institutional users like Syndr is. During their time in the ZK Base Camp, Syndr worked closely with our token design team to create a token economy that serves all its stakeholders, incentivizing participation in the ecosystem and ultimately attracting liqudity!


The team at Truffles works FAST. Almost as fast as cross-border settlements on their platform. During the ZK Base Camp,  Truffles worked tirelessly with the Outlier team to ship features and convey their vision in a compelling manner. Not only did they ship an MVP to auditors and partner with top-tier Financial Institutions, they managed to close their angel round and onboard their first institutional clients!

How do you talk to users?


Understanding your users is key to success for early stage startups. Initially this is done in isolation, but great founders quickly put their hypothesis to the test in the real world.

The team at Verifi3r was facing a complex challenge that their end users, migrants in Africa, were not easily accessible.

With the help of Outlier, the Verifi3r team identified a clear roadmap to develop an MVP, inclduing a desired tech stack, that would allow them to continue development while gaining insights into their target users from the Outlier mentor network on the ground & NGOs.


How can we disrupt an incumbuent? This was the challenge that zksig was taking on as they joined the ZK Base Camp. With our support, the team went from an amazing idea, to identifying an underserved segment of the market which they could immediately service. They also laid out plans to continously expand and start offering more features at better prices to eventually disrupt their incumbent competitor, all the while shipping on their product, which is now in Alpha!

Are you looking to take your Zero Knowledge application to the mainstream? Let us help you!

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