How Brands can Harness Social Commerce and Take Back Control from Social Media, with Roy Bernheim of Dcommerce


Join our host and CEO, Jamie Burke, as he delves deep with Roy in a discussion exploring the future of social commerce. Whether you’re a fashion brand founder, a metaverse builder, or a web3 enthusiast, be sure to tune in to:

  • Find out how social media platforms now control brand communication with customers, diminishing direct engagement.
  • Understand why fashion brands cannot reliably reach their own followers without constant paid promotion on socials.
  • Discover how Decommerce’s solution lets brands add social features to their owned sites so customers engage directly with the brand community.
  • Learn about their impressive metrics, the solution tripling repeat purchases, giving 50x reach, doubling site time, and preventing wasted production by engaging brand communities.
  • Get insights into how Web2 and Web3 will coexist, the same way social media disrupted, but didn’t replace websites, by taking some of their market share.

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