MOVEing Web3 Forward with our Aptos Accelerator Cohort


  • The Aptos x Outlier Move Accelerator cohort consists of eight start-ups that are focused on building on the Aptos protocol and redefining the Web3 user experience across gaming, social, Artificial Intelligence, DeFi,  NFTs and infrastructure.
  • The 12-week program will provide bespoke support tailored to each startup’s needs, supporting teams utilising Move language.  

The start-ups will have direct access and support from a network of leading mentors, special matter experts as well as investors.

Aptos Foundation and Outlier Ventures are pleased to announce the eight companies that will take part in the program: Aptos Arcade, ArmurAI, Duo, Wapal (by Mokshya Protocol), MoveFlow, SendInAir, SwapGPT and Yours (Blockwave Labs).

Throughout the program the cohort will receive support tailored to each startup. Participating teams will have direct access and support from a network of leading mentors including Web3 thought leaders, builders, investors and connectors in support of their future fundraising efforts. The teams will receive support from Outlier Ventures and Aptos Foundation’s in-house experts on critical elements of their business, including developing product roadmaps, community building, entity structuring, and more.

Meet the teams:

Aptos Arcade (USA),

Aptos Arcade is a Web3 game studio that develops games and an on-chain game engine for the Aptos blockchain. Their goal is to empower the next generation of Web3 games by providing an extensible suite of gaming primitives for the MoveVM.

ArmurAI (India),

ArmurAI is an A.I.-powered security infrastructure platform, enabling users to build custom security tooling for Web3 and beyond by leveraging pre-trained A.I models. 

Duo (USA),

Duo is an Ethereum compatible blockchain running on Aptos. Duo provides sub-second transactions from the speed, scalability and finality of Aptos making it especially suitable for Web3 gaming.

MoveFlow (Hong Kong),

MoveFlow is a programmable payment protocol that enables predefined transaction rules based on time and events. This protocol allows users to set up programmable payment rules that determine when and how payments are made. These rules can be based on time intervals, such as monthly recurring payment, or on specific events and conditions, such as the completion of a task, or the achievement of a milestone.

SendInAir (South Korea),

SendInAir is a fully decentralized NFT War Game on the lightning-fast Aptos blockchain, powered by cutting-edge Move smart contracts. Their goal is to provide the most sustainable Web3 game, offering an unparalleled blockchain gaming experience. 

SwapGPT (India),

AI-powered DeFi aggregator and Liquidity Manager, that enhances the capabilities of smart contracts by leveraging AI algorithms to efficiently route transactions and actively manage liquidity across multiple protocols using no-code portfolio management strategies.

Wapal (Singapore),

No code NFT creator studio, launchpad and marketplace on the Aptos Blockchain. Wapal’s unique features such as on-chain randomness, permanent storage, and cheapest mint fees makes it one of the most scalable NFT launchpad across all blockchains. Wapal is built by Mokshya, an open-source protocol that builds customizable smart contract libraries, SDKs, and developer tools on Aptos Blockchain.

Yours (Blockwave Labs) (South Korea), 

One-stop NFT enterprise solution for customer loyalty management. Solutions include minting points, membership rewards and coupons for Web3 users.  

For more information, please visit:

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