Is Uncollateralized Lending Still A Thing?

Part I: Market Situation Introduction Our new thesis The Open Metaverse Under Attack – Fight Back introduced many encouraging growth paths for the Web3 space. In this article the focus will be on a specific sector with a lot of potential as well. The US market for unsecured personal loans alone reached $210b in Q1 […]

Diffusion Best Bits #2, with Arinze Clifford of Outlier Ventures

We’re back with another episode highlighting some of the best conversation at Diffusion Digital, curated by Arinze Clifford of Outlier Ventures as he goes through a few of his favourite moments. If you found these discussions exciting you can sign up for our next event at Want to be a guest on The Metaverse […]

Base Camp applications for 2023 are open.

We are bringing you the opportunity to join Base Camp before the end of this year, with four more programs open for applications now. Outlier Ventures has been backing startup founders since 2014. Following huge growth in 2022, we are now the leading global Web3 accelerator and a top three crypto investor globally by volume […]

This Time It Is Not a Crypto Winter

Firstly, what is a Technology Winter? A winter, in the context of a technology cycle, was first used in reference to the AI community back in 1984 in a public debate as ‘a chain reaction that began with pessimism in its technology community, followed by pessimism in the press, a severe cutback in funding, followed […]